If you are just getting started in hunting and are considering buying your first firearm, there are some key things that you need to know. Hunting rifles are not all the same, so the type of game you are hunting will play a significant role in the gun you purchase, and if you are not sure how to choose one, a gun shop is an excellent place to start.

Finding A Firearms Retailer Or Gun Shop

Locally owned gun shops are a great place to start when you are looking at hunting rifles. While they may be small, they often carry firearms and accessories commonly used for hunting in the areas they are located near. 

The owner or proprietor of the shop may be a hunter and familiar with the types of animals in the area, and they will know what firearms will be effective for those animals. If you have never fired a hunting rifle and are not sure what to buy, the shop owner can show you several options that will work for the game you are hunting and go through the benefits of each firearm, how it works, and what accessories you may want to consider for the gun. 

Fitting You For A Rifle

Hunting rifles come in many different configurations, and while they often look the same, the length of the stock, barrel, and forend can all play a significant part in how the rifle fits the shooter. If the stock is too long, the shooter may have trouble holding the rifle securely, and it will be challenging to hit the target. 

When you visit a gun shop, the proprietor can suggest several hunting rifles in sizes that are good for shooters of similar size and let you see how they feel in your hand. Holding the gun to your shoulder and feeling the position of your hands on the forend and stock is often the best way to determine if you will be able to stabilize and control the firearm when shooting it, and the shop owner can help with your grip and hand positions. 

Once you find a hunting rifle that fits well and is the right caliber for the game you are hunting, you will need to take some time on the range to get a feel for the firearm. The gun shop may have a range or know what the best one is in the area. 

Resources and Education

Most local gun shops can set you up with a firearms instructor if you need one and direct you to the local shooting range so you can practice firing your new rifle before you head out on a hunt with it. Gun shops are not just a place to buy guns but are an excellent resource for information and education about firearms and are often more than willing to help a new shooter get into the sport. 

Stop by a gun store, such as Country Boy Sports, in your area for help selecting the right rifle.