More than 100 million people in the United States play golf. In fact, about one out of every three people aged 6 or older play the game. It's an industry that is always growing and in-demand, which means that golf properties need to continuously make improvements to accommodate their players and customers. Custom golf netting is one of the best investments that you will want to keep in mind if you manage a golf course. In this article, you will learn more about golf netting so that you can assess your needs and make a purchase.

Assess the nature and layout of your course to figure out where you want to set up your custom golf netting

Before taking any steps toward designing your golf netting, make sure that you look into your course and where you'd like to install it. This netting is helpful because it controls the flow and trajectory of golf balls, which will protect people and property. You will definitely want to set up some quality netting to protect your parking lots or to partition off areas of your course.

Look into the overall layout and landscape of your course so that you're able to figure out the best places to install netting. That way, you can begin getting an idea of how much material you will need, the height of the golf netting, and what kind of labor will go into setting it up.

Consider the different materials and styles

As you begin looking into your golf netting options, keep in mind that there are plenty of different styles and materials. It's common to find custom golf netting that is made from materials like nylon and various types of plastic. It's not uncommon to find golf netting that is made from recycled bottles and other plastic. Look into the style of the netting, and look into patterns that both create the aesthetic effect that you're going for and the protective qualities that will stop the balls in their tracks and allow you to collect them.

Work with a company that can sell and install the best golf netting for your needs. Have them come out to your golf course to give your property an overall assessment, and to figure out the overall cost of the project.

Use the tips above so that you can look into the custom golf netting that will be best for you.