When you're planning to order a horse shelter from a company that specializes in the construction of these structures, you'll need to think about what size of structure you want and what features it will have. Another thing to consider is how the shelter will look, which means that it's necessary to evaluate what siding options are available. You'll likely find a number of available siding options, which means that you'll want to consider the benefits of each type of siding, as well as how well the one you favor will work on your property. Here are three siding materials from which to choose for your horse shelter.


Lots of horse shelters are sided in wood, and this can be a look that a lot of people favor. You might have other wooden-sided structures on your property — for example, a wooden barn or shed. If so, a wooden horse shelter will be a good visual fit. Even if you don't have any other wooden elements, you may simply find that a shelter with wood siding has a traditional, rustic quality that you favor. Wood offers a number of advantages in this application. It has a high degree of longevity, and the numerous types of wood that are available means that you have several options for how the structure will look.

PVC Fabric

If you want to go in a completely different direction, consider PVC fabric as a siding material for your horse shelter. This material is common on shelters that are portable, given that it is light in weight. On these shelters, you'll typically have a metal pipe frame over which the PVC fabric is stretched. PVC fabric is often an affordable siding option, and you may also appreciate that it's available in several different colors. Black, brown, navy glue, and dark green are all common colors, although your supplier may be able to offer even more hues.


Steel is another material that is available as a siding option for horse shelters. Many people favor steel because of its longevity, and you may feel that this material offers the right look for you if you already have one or more steel structures on your property. While you'll often find horse shelters that are entirely sided in steel, some shelters use a combination of steel and wood for a unique look. Contact your local horse shelter company to discuss these and other siding options.