Are you going on a river rafting adventure but you don't know how to prepare yourself since it's your first time? If so, it will help to follow these tips about what to wear to ensure that things go smoothly.

Prepare For Weather By Wearing Layers

You'll want to be dressed appropriately before you go river rafting, which means wearing a bottom layer with a bathing suit. This will ensure that if you do get wet, you'll be wearing something that can dry out easily and not leave you feeling soaked. However, you don't want to go in just your bathing suit since you'll be under the sun all day long. Consider wearing something lightweight on top of your bathing suit, such as a long sleeve t-shirt, so that your arms will be protected and won't get burned. Something made out of a polyester blend or cotton will feel good.

Use A Retention Strap For Your Hat And Glasses

There may be strong gusts of wind while you are traveling down the river, and if your hat or glasses blow off, it will be incredibly difficult to go back for them. That is why it helps to have a retention strap for both your glasses and your hat so that they stay put on your head. If not, you'll likely not come back with the hat that you left with. 

Wear The Right Kind Of Shoes

Wearing tennis shoes on your river rafting trip is going to be a big mistake since they will get wet and be soaked the entire time. You'll want to wear shoes that are going to stay on your feet when they are submerged in water and that are going to dry off quickly. Consider wearing sandals that have an ankle strap and a rubber sole since they will stay put and not absorb water during the trip.

Bring A Waterproof Jacket

If things get cold, it will always be nice to have a waterproof jacket that you can throw on. You'll want it to be waterproof because it will get wet, and if the jacket absorbs the water, you are going to feel cold the entire time you are wearing it. A waterproof jacket is going to allow the water to roll off the surface, keeping you dry and warm.

Looking for more tips on what you should wear for your river rafting adventure? Reach out to the company you are booking your river rafting trip through for their guidance.