One popular fishing trend is kayak angling. When you're looking to make the switch from traditional boat or bank fishing, you need products designed specifically for the types of angling and waters you fish. The kayak paddle you choose for your fishing kayak can help you cover more and catch more fish.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a kayak paddle for fishing.

The Right Paddle

Not all kayak paddles are created equally. Buying the most expensive kayak paddle is not always the best solution. Look for these features when trying to pick the perfect kayak paddle for your fishing adventures.

  • Length: the longer the kayak paddle, the more leverage you can get with every stroke. However, added length often comes with added weight. Only choose a longer kayak paddle if you're willing to spend the extra money for a lighter material like carbon fiber or aeronautic-grade aluminum. Many kayak anglers find that a longer paddle is worth the money if they routinely make long trips.
  • Blades: kayak paddle blades come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, the flatter and larger the kayak paddle blades, the more water you'll displace with every stroke. Unfortunately, displacing all that water creates extra resistance, which can tire you out and make it difficult to paddle while attempting to fish. If you're an experienced kayaker or you have upper-body muscular endurance, large, flat blades might work. Many kayak fishermen, however, opt for smaller, curved blades that roll to help them generate more momentum with every stroke.
  • Grip: from fish slime to wet conditions, choosing a kayak paddle with all-weather grips is important to kayak fishermen. If you fish in saltwater and/or you live in an arid environment, you might find molded grips will be more durable. To prevent blisters from forming on longer paddle days, you might also consider soft, textured grips.

The Right Paddle Accessories

Kayak paddles are often sold with a variety of accessories. For some kayak fishermen, many of these accessories will be a waste of money. Some, however, can save the day.

  • Leash: losing your kayak paddle can be frightening and dangerous. Paying the extra money for a kayak paddle leash is worth every penny. When choosing a kayak paddle leash, make it's easy to use and compatible with your kayak.
  • Hand Paddle: from making small adjustments to maneuvering in tight quarters, kayak hand paddles can get the job done.