While there are lots of people who enjoy consuming cannabis recreationally on their own, many others appreciate being surrounded by friends. If you're getting involved in recreational cannabis consumption while also appreciating the healing benefits that this substance can offer you, you'll need to decide which fellow cannabis enthusiasts you'll get together with when you wish to partake. Generally, it's ideal if you can identify people in your social circle who possess the following attributes, especially when you're a novice.

Mellow Personality

When it comes to choosing people with whom you'll consume cannabis, finding someone who has a mellow personality can be beneficial. Cannabis affects people differently, and while it mellows many people out, there are those who have high-strung personalities who may become talkative or agitated. This isn't the type of person you necessarily want to have around you when you're enjoying cannabis recreationally. Someone who is already fairly relaxed will often just become more relaxed, which won't interfere with your ability to chill out and experience how cannabis makes you feel.

Responsible Personality

You also want to be surrounded by people who have responsible personalities, whether you're consuming cannabis with a small group or with just one person. Because you will be in something of an altered state for a period of time, you don't want to make any irresponsible decisions when you're under the influence of cannabis. Someone whom you find to be irresponsible could be a detriment in this situation, as he or she could encourage you to act in a potentially harmful manner. Conversely, a responsible person will likely remain that way, even after consuming cannabis, and encourage you to do the same.

Generous Personality

It's also nice to partake in cannabis with someone who is generous. When each person brings his or her own strain of cannabis to the gathering, perhaps with different consumption methods, they may be eager to share with you and with the other people in the group when they're generous. When you use cannabis with friends, you may feel a deeper connection to them — and this feeling can be enhanced when you're appreciative of how people are willing to share with you rather than withhold everything for themselves. Over time, you'll learn which people you most enjoy being around when you use cannabis, and you can make a point of hanging out and consuming with them again in the future.