When afternoon rolls around, you'll be champing at the bit to load the car and get out of town if you have a weekend getaway planned. This is a great idea to bring your family together and to just enjoy some time in the great outdoors. Setting up a trip to a mountain lodge will be worthwhile as long as you plan it out. Follow these tips and start scouting locations for your mountain lodge vacation. 

Make the Location Your Main Priority and Choose a Great Mountain Lodge Resort

You have plenty of lodge towns to choose from when you're planning a trip. If you're deciding on the best location, make sure you know what kind of trip you want, and get the whole family involved. Some of the best mountain lodges around are based in places like Wyoming, Colorado, and Vermont. These resorts all have their strengths — some are great for swimming and kayaking, and others have some of the most breathtaking views you'll find around. 

Because this is a decision that can possibly make or break your trip, give it every bit of consideration that it calls for. This lodging might come in the form of a typical per-night stay, or you might be looking to rent a cabin at a rate that covers the entire trip. 

Pack Well, Plan For Emergencies, and Make the Best Use of Your Time

Once you know that you want to take a mountain lodge vacation, be sure that you've got the two P's under control — planning and packing. The better you plan your trip, the more rewarding it'll be in the end. Make sure you research the area and figure out how many nights you would like to stay at the mountain lodge. Secure the booking in advance and make sure you research some great rates and specials. 

After you have locked in the lodge rates, take the time to pack your belongings, making sure to start with necessities and items that keep you safe. If you're booking your own cabin, you might look into bringing and packing your own food to store throughout the course of your stay. This way, you'll be able to have a barbecue or just have access to healthy items without having to travel all over town. 

Consider these tips and start speaking to some mountain lodge properties that can help give you a great vacation.