When you live in an area where many of the residents travel by golf cart to go places, it's time to choose a golf cart for yourself. There are two basic choices when it comes to golf carts. You can choose one that is electric and needs to be plugged into recharge, or you can buy a golf cart that runs on gas. Golf carts are often used in communities, as the standard versions can only go 12-14 miles an hour.While there are ways to make golf carts faster, you'll have to make sure that you are following the rules of the community in which you live. Most will have restrictions as to how fast your golf cart can legally go.

Electric Golf Carts Make Less Noise

If noise matters to you, electric golf carts make much less noise. They don't give off any fumes, and they get recharged by plugging them in at night. An electric golf cart that is fully charged will travel 25-40 miles, depending on how big the battery is.It's harder to break an electric golf cart, as there are less moving parts than with a gasoline golf cart. When you want a simple machine that will get you from one point to another without worrying about speed, an electric golf cart is a good choice.

Road Legal Gas Golf Carts

Some gas golf carts can be optimized to go almost as fast as a regular car. This is considered a road legal golf cart and requires a registration in order to be driven on the road. While the golf cart can still be driven on all of the golf cart paths throughout a community, you must drive the speed limit on the carts in order to stay safe. A road legal cart can also be driven on the road, making it a bit easier for you to get around when you want to go further than the paths will take you.

When you live in a golf cart community, it's always important to remember that there are going to be golf carts everywhere to watch out for while you are driving. Keep in mind what the speed limits are, and don't drive your golf cart on the road when you don't have to. Even if your golf cart is road legal, it's always best to remain on the golf cart paths in order for you to stay safe. 

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