When you buy a new RV and take it for a long road trip, you'll enjoy many advantages, including the comfort you and your passengers will experience while traveling. One of these comforts includes being able to use the toilet when you're on the road, instead of having to find a gas station or restaurant whenever nature calls for one of your passengers. The RV's holding tank, however, isn't something that you should simply ignore, as doing so could lead to some unpleasant smells for you and your traveling group. Here are some simple strategies that can help keep any smells from the tank to a minimum.

Dump The Tank Frequently

While there's no specific interval at which you should dump the tank, given factors such as the size of your traveling group and the frequency with which the tank is used. However, it's generally a good rule to dump the tank whenever doing so is possible. When you're planning the route that you'll take in your RV, check for the location of sites at which you can dump the tank. Generally, campgrounds are a good idea, as they're equipped with dumping stations. Even though it takes a bit of time to pull off the road and empty the tank, doing so is an effective way to keep smells away.

Pour A Deodorizer/Cleaner Down The Toilet

When you're buying supplies to take on your RV trip, make sure that you grab a couple bottles of RV tank deodorizer/cleaner, which is commonly found in the automotive section of your local big box store. This cleaning chemical is designed to be added to the toilet, mixed with water, and flushed. Once in the tank, it will help to neutralize the unpleasant odors until you're able to visit a dumping station and empty the tank. Always follow the instructions on the bottle carefully, as the specific products and their usage can differ slightly.

Make Some Bathroom Rules

It's generally a good idea to set some rules about using the bathroom. One rule that many RV travelers adopt is to urinate in the RV's toilet but try to find an alternative for "number two." While it's tempting to remain in the comfort of the vehicle when nature calls, impress upon your passengers that stopping to use the restroom at a supermarket, tourist attraction, gas station or other site is an effective way to limit the risk of unpleasant smells filling the vehicle.

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