Although many fishermen enjoy an active day of trolling for salmon up and down a river, there is nothing quite like setting your anchor in a powerful current and waiting for the fish to come to you. This fishing method, known as anchoring, is particularly popular in major salmon highways like the California Delta or Columbia River, where other boats and fishermen are as plentiful as the fish themselves. These are four advantages of anchoring your boat during salmon spawning season instead of trolling. 

Practicing Good Etiquette

When salmon head inland to spawn every year, they concentrate themselves along certain waterways, depending on where they were hatched. This makes their runs highly predictable, but it also means that you will likely have the company of other fishermen in the most popular spots. Basic courtesy demands that each boat give its neighbors the space they need to cast and reel in fish without interference, which can be much more difficult if you are constantly on the move. By staking out your spot and sticking to it, you can avoid any unpleasant conflicts with your fellow fishermen. 

Choosing the Right Lanes 

Salmon expend almost all of their energy swimming upstream to reach their spawning sites, and they have an instinctive need to choose the most efficient paths to get there. Knowing this, you can anchor your boat in a prime spot and allow the currents to carry unsuspecting fish your way. One of the oldest tricks in salmon fishing is to anchor along the inner bend of a river, where fish will hug the shorter side to save energy. You may need to get up early to beat your fellow fishermen to the best spots, but once you have found the prime real estate, anchor fishing can be quite productive. 

Cutting Expenses

Every boat owner can appreciate the time and costs that go into each vessel to keep it fueled and running. Trolling can become an expensive hobby if you spend hours fighting the currents, burning up both fuel and your motor as you go. Anchoring, on the other hand, only requires as much fuel as it takes to reach your fishing spot, making it a much more appealing option for a fisherman on a budget. 

Enjoying Your Day on the River

Trolling requires constant care and attention to keep both your boat and lines supervised. When anchored, you can let your boat drift freely, set your lines and kick back to socialize or enjoy your day on the water. If you want to treat salmon fishing as more of a recreational activity than a competitive sport, anchor fishing is probably the right option for you. Of course, in order to anchor your boat safely, you will need the right small boat anchoring system for the river in question. Most rivers have muddy or sandy bottoms, so be sure you are buying the appropriate anchor for your small boat. With the right equipment and the proper technique, you will hopefully be reeling in the big salmon in no time.

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