If you are getting ready for your first elk hunting season, you need to make sure that you have the right accessories for a successful hunt. Here are a few accessories that will make your first elk hunting season more enjoyable.

Rifle Sling

If you are going elk hunting with a rifle, one of the best accessories you can purchase for yourself is a ready-carry rifle sling. A ready-carry rifle sling will allow you to keep your rifle at a ready position even when you are hiking around. It can come in handy when you unexpectedly encounter an elk as you are hiking around and scouting. You can easily lose your elk and your shot in the time it takes to remove your rifle from your shoulder. 

Binocular Harness

It is a given that when you go scouting for elk, you need to bring some binoculars with you. A set of high powered binoculars will allow you to scout your environment without having to go everywhere on foot. In order to make your binoculars even more useful to you, you should invest in a binocular harness. A binocular harness allows you to keep your binoculars right by you and ready to go without having to dig in your pack for them. It is also a lot more comfortable than carrying your binoculars around your neck. 

GPS Unit

If you are not really familiar with the area you will be hunting in, a GPS unit can come in handy and can keep you on the right track. It can help you read the terrain and figure out exactly where you are. They can also help you keep track more easily of places you want to return to that look like they might be fertile grounds. You should also always keep a map of the area you are hunting on you as well as a compass; that way, if the batteries go out in your GPS, you'll have a backup system in place.

Laser Range Finder

Another great accessory to take with you when you go elk hunting is a laser range finder. It will help you measure how far away the elk is that you want to shoot. You can use the information from your laser range finder to determine if you are close enough to get off a good shot or if you need to adjust your position before you take a shot.

All of the accessories above will help make your first elk hunting season go more smoothly. In addition to the accessories above, make sure that you have comfortable hunting clothing as well. 

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