Protecting the investment you have in your watercraft is important, especially if you enjoy taking it out a lot. The canopy covers and accessories you select for protecting your boat can make a huge difference in how the elements affect its exterior and interior parts. Learn more about kind of material you need for getting the best boat lift canopy available and about the accessories best for securing it. 

Durability Is An Important Factor

The material your boat lift cover is made of determines its life and how much protection it can provide for your boat. Bear in mind some cheaper materials only last a season or so, meaning your money is wasted and you end up looking for another cover. Investing in a cover you can count on for several years of protection is best. Choosing covers made out of reinforced vinyl (blended with a special nylon mesh for adding tensile strength) is a good idea because of these reasons:

  • Resistant to UV damage from the sun

  • Resistant to the effects of wind, rain, and snow

  • Because of nylon reinforcement, this vinyl material has greater resistance to scratches and tears

  • High-quality reinforced vinyl is flame retardant and waterproof

Accessories Matter A Lot

When choosing accessories for securing your boat lift cover, remember to think about strength and durability. Bungees cords, tie-down straps, cords and springs should be high quality and recommended by your boat cover manufacturer. Always remember you will need to clean your boat lift cover and accessories before using them for storage all winter, so choosing a cleaner for them is a good idea. In this way, you have everything you need from the start for properly protecting your boat and for taking care of the cover you plan to use. Bear in mind some chemical cleaners can damage the materials used for making boat lift covers, so be sure to purchase only what the manufacturer advises you to use. You might also think about the best cleaners for taking care of your boat's hull and interior parts before you store it for a long, cold season. 

The boat lift cover you choose plays a huge role in the extended maintenance you provide for your boat. When a boat is left out in the elements with a simple cover over it, you risk hull and interior damage that is costly to repair. Knowing you can go out to the dock and take your boat out in good condition every time is the best way to enjoy it and the investment you may have in it.