Floating docks are kept on top of the water by using either encased foam or large barrels, depending on the type that you purchase. These docks are meant to act much like a dock that is built into the water, but are simply easier to install and are removable. These docks serve different purposes, and can be used for a variety of water based activities. This article will discuss 3 different kinds of floating docks and their purposes. 

Stable Beach Docks

Stable beach docks are perhaps the most like a stick built dock because they simply stay on the shore. They can act as a dock for boats and are very sturdy. They can also be used to fish off of, or even to simply just sit and enjoy yourself. These docks range in size depending on your preferences and they have can have railing going all the way around the edges if you would like. Also, if you want to get more of an upgraded type of floating beach dock, you can get one that has a canopy that goes over the top of the entire thing. This will create plenty of shade, and make the dock great for big events, parties, and other large gatherings.

Moveable Docks

Another awesome type of floating dock is one that is moveable. These docks are awesome because they can be taken out into the middle of the water. You can stand on them, fish from them, layout on them, etc., just like you would do on a shore dock, but you have the added bonus of being anywhere on the water. To get your dock out on the water, you can use rowing oars or some type of motor, and you get the dock back to shore the same way. These docks can come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs, and are often square or rectangular in shape.

Rowing Dock

For those who row competitively, a rowing dock is an excellent option. These docks are made specifically for rowing competitions, so they are long and thin. The length allows for several row boats to line up to race. These docks are often made out of a resin blend of materials, and are created to be non-abbrasive when the boats hit into them. And perhaps most important of all, these docks have been created to meet all of the requirements for rowing competitions.