The Super Bowl has become one of the greatest spectacles in American sports. Millions of people watch this annual event every year--not just die-hard fans. Why is this so? Here are three reasons why the Super Bowl resonates with so many people and why it represents America so well.

  • Big Business is Involved

President Calvin Coolidge broke his reticence to eloquently say that, "The chief business of the American people is business." This slogan still rings true. People here have both the desire to make and spend money. As such, the Super Bowl takes center stage each year as the place where corporations introduce their new product lines. Many fans admit that they watch the game solely for the commercials, which have become the stuff of legend. The next day at the office, everyone talks about the innovative advertisements. Game advertisements are so popular that in 2014, companies paid almost $4 million for a 30-second slot!

  • There's Intense Competition

One of the attributes that characterizes the American people is a drive to be the best. This is especially seen in politics, in which both sides of the governing aisle battle the other. In the end, they all meet, shake hands, and congratulate the victor. The competition, though intense, ensures that the best wins. The Super Bowl has this same quality. Only the two strongest competitors make it to this stage. They have endured a 16-game regular season and a two-to-three game playoff round before arriving to compete for the championship. And like politics, it is winner takes all. There is nothing given to the one who comes in second!

  • It Has a Global Reach

Saying that the United States' culture holds some importance in the world is an understatement. American culture, from jazz to hip-hop, from fried chicken to hamburgers, often becomes mainstream in other countries. Since America's people are a melting pot of cultures, many have enjoyed seeing their once national sport become more popular across the globe.

Watch the Game in Person

Attending the Super Bowl means being part of history. There is nothing better than watching the game in the stadium. This festive occasion is a sight to behold. The best way to get to the game is by purchasing Super Bowl packages from an authorized dealer. This expert can recommend a package that can include tickets, accommodations, and entertainment. A package deal has everything taken care of at one convenient price.