From comfy sheep skin to realistic faux-fur varieties, fur boots are a fall staple in many women's wardrobes. While women's fur boots continue to be ultra-trendy, many women tend to wear their boots in unconventional ways. To keep your look chic and sophisticated, follow these do's and don'ts of women's fur boots.


1. Do wear your fur boots with form-fitting jeans or leggings. Skinny jeans are an excellent choice for a casual on-the-go look. Simply tuck your jeans into your boots if you're wearing straight leg jeans or over the sides of your boots if your pants have a bit of flare at the bottom.

2. Do pair your fur boots with a conservative top. Opt for something simple and modest, such as a long-sleeve shirt, knitted dress shirt or white tee layered under a jacket. Allow your fur boots to make a statement all on their own.

3. Do stick to neutral shades and traditional designs. You can't go wrong with the classics. Instead of trying out those hot pink star-studded boots that will probably be out of season next month, stick to a neutral colored boot in a simple style. For example, a classic fur and sheep-skin boot in tan or black will still be stylish for seasons to come.

4. Do protect your boots to keep them looking great. Many types of fur boots are highly susceptible to dirt buildup and discoloration. To ensure that your boots look great all season, clean them weekly with a cleaning solution suitable for the material in which your boots are constructed. Also, consider applying a waterproof spray on your boots.


1.  Don't wear boots with loose-fitting jeans or pants. When pants are too loose or have too large of a flare at the bottom, the excess can spill out of your boots. This can make you look sloppy and unkempt. Stick to skinny jeans or straight leg pants if you plan to tuck your pants into your boots.

2. Don't wear fur boots with mini-skirts or shorts. Fur boots are designed to be worn when the weather gets chilly. Fall and winter are the best seasons for wearing your boots and look best paired with a toasty sweater or jacket.

3. Don't wear your fur boots when the weather is bad. Rain and dirt can be a disastrous combination for your fur boots. To prevent a buildup of caked-on mud, avoid wearing your boots in wet weather. Depending on the materials used to make the boot, the elements may cause the fabric to become discolored or prematurely worn.

If you're considering wear your favorite fur boots with your next ensemble, consider whether or not the season and conditions are right. For more information about women's fur boots, contact your local boot retailer.